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Film Threat

Leave The Bus Through The Broken Window is in and of itself a piece of art within an art film. First, the art. We do attend several art shows, and for the art lovers, you’ll find it interesting. What I found fascinating was Hevia’s attempt to connect with the art around him, which was a challenge due to the cultural and language barrier of Hong Kong. Art should be an appeal for the sake of art, but often art needs context to make an emotional connection… All this makes Leave The Bus Through The Broken Window the most original and fascinating documentary you’ll see all year.

This film is a kick in the pants. Beautifully put together it is long enough to make us feel like we've had a meal and short enough never wear out its welcome.  This is the sort of hidden gem thatI'm going to be recommending to friends as it makes its way through the various festivals.

Highly recommended